November 10, 2016

Celebrate American Education Week: November 14-18

American Education Week

During American Education Week, November 14-18, we celebrate the achievements of students, teachers, education support professionals, parents, and community members who help students succeed.  

American Education Week was created out of national concern over illiteracy. The nation first celebrated in 1921, sponsored by NEA and the American Legion. Events take place the week before Thanksgiving and are designed to honor the hard work of students, recognize the professionalism and commitment of educators, and appreciate parents and community members who work toward quality public schools for every student.

Schedule of Events:

  • Monday, November 14: Kickoff Day
    From national commemorations to local community events, millions of Americans celebrate public education.
  • Tuesday, November 15: Parents' Day
    Schools invite parents into the classroom for a hands-on experience of what the day is like for their child.
    Find resources for parents in the Partners for Public Education Resource Library.
  • Wednesday, November 16: Education Support Professionals Day
    Individuals who provide invaluable services to schools are recognized for their outstanding work. 
  • Thursday, November 17: Educator for a Day
    Community leaders are invited to serve as educators to get a glimpse at a day in the life of a school employee.
  • Friday, November 18: Substitute Educators Day
    This day honors the educators who are called upon to replace regularly employed teachers.


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