April 29, 2016

Education advocates to rally in Harrisburg. Here's how you can show solidarity.

When state lawmakers return to Harrisburg on Monday, May 2, they will be greeted by hundreds of advocates for public education.

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding is hosting the Rally for Public Education to send a message to lawmakers that Pennsylvanians support fair funding of our schools.

May 2 is a school day, and the top priority for most PSEA members will be their students and their jobs. But members can show their solidarity with the Pennsylvanians who are taking a stand for our schools.

Show your support on Facebook

PSEA members are invited to share this image on their Facebook pages with the hashtag #FairFundingPA. Just click on the image to get started.

Campaign for Fair Education Funding Rally

Print out handouts or stickers

Members can also print this image out as a handout or as stickers.

Print out stickers, wear them, take a few pictures, and send them to PSEA. We will help get the word out.

PSEA members play important roles in their communities and are eager to join other advocates in sending a message to all state legislators that there is no more pressing issue facing them today than re-investing in education and fixing our state’s broken school funding system.



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