May 9, 2011

May 3 Rally for A Responsible Budget

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Reporters called it one of the largest rallies in Harrisburg in the past decade. The Patriot News wrote: “Imagine a crowd so large the front steps of the state Capitol aren't large enough to hold everyone… Imagine a state budget so unpopular that standing outside on a hot spring day for well over an hour isn't enough to send them off in search of a cold drink.

Speeches, songs, and chants of “We Are One!” “Save Our Schools!” “USA!” and others echoed throughout the Capitol, as the crowd of almost 5,000 Pennsylvanians – including nearly 1,000 PSEA members like you – converged on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg on May 3 for the CLEAR Coalition’s Rally for a Responsible Budget.

At the rally, working men and women representing countless professions spoke out about the damage the Governor’s proposed budget cuts would do to individuals and communities.

Easton Area EA President Kevin Deely sent a clear message about the potential deep cuts to public schools:

“I am a teacher. I know what the Governor’s $1.2 billion in cuts to public schools means for teachers, students, and parents. It means programs that work will be eliminated. It means class sizes will increase. It means property taxes will go up. But you know what? When I look out at this crowd today, I know that we can stop them. I know that we can make a difference.”

Video: Kevin Deely speaking at the rally


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 As a coalition representing more than one million hardworking Pennsylvanians, CLEAR advocates long-term revenue solutions and efficiencies, instead of relying on selling public assets and devastating cuts that will cause direct harm to children in need of protections provided by children and youth caseworkers, students in public schools, people with mental retardation, our elderly populations  and working families.

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