Background Checks

Act 153 of 2014 requires school employees to provide or renew State Police/FBI record checks and child abuse clearance statements. Additional changes to the law went into effect July 1, 2015. PSEA wants to ensure that all members understand how this policy affects them.

Renewal Guidelines

Please read this advice from PSEA's Legal Division carefully to ensure that you understand these new rules:

  • Check your files or your school employer files to find the dates of your CLEARANCE STATEMENT, STATE POLICE REPORT, AND FBI REPORT.  
  • Depending on your date of hire, you may not have all three documents, or they may have been issued on different dates. 
  • If you are missing ONE OF THE THREE BACKGROUND CHECKS: You should obtain that document when you renew the others. 


Each document renewal is due by its five-year anniversary date of issue. Note: It is possible that school employers may require employees to renew all documents by the earliest five-year anniversary of any one document.

If you have no background checks because you have been continuously employed prior to Jan. 1, 1986 (the first date a background check was required): You must obtain all three documents ASAP.  

How To Obtain Background Checks 

School employees who obtain background checks for employment purposes can use the same background checks for volunteer activities with children. School employees also may use their current background checks when applying for employment from other school employers.

PSEA members who have questions about the renewal requirements should contact their PSEA UniServ Representative.



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