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Video: Look for Teachers in the Parks this summer

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Some of you may have just days left in the school year; others may still have a few weeks to go.

One educator is looking forward to turning his community parks and pools into outdoor classrooms once again this summer. His name is Matthew Hathaway, and he was honored this month at PSEA’s Celebrating Excellence Awards banquet for launching Teachers in the Parks, a program that connects educators with hundreds of students to help bridge the summer learning gap.

Watch this short video to hear Matt’s story.

Matthew Hathaway: Teachers in the Parks

Quick hits

Supreme Court could rule soon in anti-union case

U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court could rule soon in a case designed to further rig the rules against working people.

The case, called Janus v. AFSCME, is being brought by well-heeled opponents of unions like PSEA. They are doing this because they know what we know – that strong unions are the best vehicle that working people have to level the economic playing field for all Americans.

What they fail to understand is that when we stick together, nothing can stop us. That is one reason why Lily Eskelsen García, president of the National Education Association, is optimistic about the future — regardless of what the court rules.

“We have never seen darker days for unions and for working people and for people of color and for women than we are experiencing at this time,” García said in a Guardian article last week. “[Yet] I have never been more confident. It is beyond hope. I see a movement, and unions are at the core of this movement.”

Keep in touch this summer

School’s almost out for the summer, and hopefully your plans include plenty of R and R.

A lot will happen between now and Labor Day, and PSEA wants to keep you updated. The Supreme Court will rule on the Janus case, and state officials will hash out the details of the budget and other state policies. So, keep an eye on your email and PSEA’s Facebook page for calls to action. Be ready to speak up.

The gubernatorial race is on

Now that the PA Primary Election is behind us, we know that Gov. Tom Wolf will face state Sen. Scott Wagner in this fall’s gubernatorial election.

Gov. Wolf has made education a top priority during his time in office. He has reversed nearly $1 billion in school funding cuts, reduced student testing, and invested in career and technical education initiatives, among other accomplishments.

Scott Wagner, by contrast, may be the first major party candidate for governor to vote against every single investment in our schools during his time in office. He is co-sponsoring a tuition voucher bill that will siphon $500 million away from public education, and he wants to eliminate public pensions and collective bargaining rights and force public employees to pay more for health care.

You can join the fight for public education in PA by signing up to be an Educator for Wolf at

Sen. Scott Wagner's record on school funding

PA Teacher of the Year Jennifer Wahl inspires PSEA House of Delegates

PA Teacher of the Year Jennifer Wahl at the PSEA House of Delegates

“If I can challenge you to do one thing, it is this: Go back to your school districts and help grow one single young person into leadership. They may be reluctant at first, but it is truly the future of our existence. We have power in numbers and voice. I am so very thankful to the veteran who pushed me to get more involved, and I hope to do that for others in the future.”

- 2018 PA Teacher of the Year and PSEA leader Jennifer Wahl, addressing the House of Delegates on May 12

Stand Up for Public Education for a chance to win $5,000

Stand Up for Public Education

This summer, PSEA-PACE will again give one lucky member a $5,000 grand prize through the Stand Up for Public Education giveaway. Every $5 contribution you make ($2.50 for ESP, Retired, and Student members) earns you one entry for the $5,000 grand-prize drawing.

Each member can receive a maximum of 10 entries. Members who contribute $50 ($25 for ESP, Retired, and Student members) will receive a Stand Up for Public Education cooler bag.

PSEA will announce the winner of the $5,000 grand prize on Facebook on June 15. Enter today.

No contribution required to enter or win. Members may receive up to the maximum number of entries by submitting a request to

PSEA-PACE supports friends of education in state and local elections. Contributions to PSEA-PACE are voluntary. A member may contribute more or less than the suggested amount, or not contribute, without it affecting his or her membership status, rights, or benefits in NEA, PSEA or any of PSEA’s affiliates.

Contributions to PSEA-PACE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal or state income tax purposes. Only U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents may contribute to PACE. No dues dollars can be given to political candidates.

Member Benefits Spotlight: Save money on your insurance needs with Liberty Mutual

Through your PSEA Member Benefits, you can enjoy exclusive savings from Liberty Mutual on quality auto and home insurance.

With a Liberty Mutual policy, you will get:

  • Zero deductible if your vehicle is vandalized on school property or during school-related events;
  • Personal property coverage, up to $2,500 per occurrence, if your personal teaching or school-owned property is stolen or damaged while in your vehicle;
  • A 10 percent discount on new and existing policies for Pennsylvania residents; and
  • A discount of up to 10 percent on new and existing policies for all other states.

Learn more about this program at

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