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Aspiring educators change lives at Student PSEA Conference

Last month, more than 375 aspiring educators gathered in State College to learn, connect, and make a difference at the 2018 Student PSEA Conference and Convention. Attendees were inspired by 2017 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Michael Soskil, who delivered the keynote address. They also gained knowledge on a wide range of topics in educational sessions hosted by a variety of speakers, including veteran educators, recent Student PSEA alumni, experts in the field, and National Education Association representatives.

In addition to personal and professional growth, the students also took time to serve. They embarked on one of the largest Outreach to Teach projects to date at the Tyrone Area School District, beautifying and making improvements at the elementary, middle, and high schools.

Rounding out the conference, awards were presented, and future leadership was elected. See details below in the Kudos and Spotlight sections of this newsletter.

To view more photos from this year’s Student PSEA Conference, visit the Student PSEA Facebook page or check out the photo collage in the May issue of Voice magazine.

Apply to the Student School at PSEA’s Summer Leadership Conference

PSEA's Annual Summer Leadership Conference has been an opportunity for new, current, and future PSEA local leaders to acquire the skills they need to best represent our members. Held on the campus of Gettysburg College, this year's conference is scheduled for Sunday, July 22 through Friday, July 27, 2018.

Student PSEA members will be able to further immerse themselves in the Association, networking and building relationships while also gaining professional knowledge and a greater understanding of how PSEA functions at a local, regional, state, and national level.

Your participation in the Student School at the conference would serve as an additional bridge as you prepare to transition from your schooling into careers in education. The sessions will also enlighten you on current trends and issues in education and the importance of understanding their impacts on your chosen profession.

Please note: Applicants must be 21 years of age or older to attend. A limited number of spaces are available as part of the Student School. At this time, PSEA will fund 22 student scholarships to attend Gettysburg. The process to apply is competitive, and your application will be reviewed with great attention to detail.

Submissions due for NEA Awards by May 15

Each year, the NEA recognizes the excellence of the student program during the annual Student Leadership Conference. Recognition is given in the following areas: Outstanding Local Advisor, Outstanding State Organizer, Outstanding Local Student Leader, Jeffrey "J.D." Miller Outstanding Underclassman, Outstanding State Student Leader, Local Excellence, and State Excellence.

More information and forms can be found here.

All nominations, applications, and supporting documents must be submitted, postmarked, or received in the NEA Student Program office (1201 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20036) on or before May 15. Nominations may be sent electronically to neasp@nea.org.

"Rigor for our students is always increasing, but as educators, we need to find creative developmentally appropriate ways to present the information. This means thinking outside of the box. We need to keep the joy in learning for our students!"

--Jessica Miller, kindergarten teacher in Conewago Township Elementary School.

Miller’s innovative Discovery Room program was highlighted in the regular Voice magazine feature, “Learning Lessons: Great ideas, Great schools,” in May. Check out the video here.

Congratulations to the attendees of the 2018 Student PSEA Conference and Convention. You raised more than $1,800 for PSEA-PACE!

Since no dues dollars go to PSEA-PACE, your voluntary contributions help us to elect pro-public education candidates in state and local elections.

To learn more, visit www.psea.org/pace.

Kudos to the award winners from this year's Student PSEA Conference and Convention!

Outstanding Chapter Faculty Adviser
Dr. Melissa Marks, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
The Student PSEA Outstanding Chapter Faculty Adviser Award recognizes individuals for dedication and service to the PSEA Student Program at the chapter level. The award was presented by Marie Hutchings, Student PSEA president.

Outstanding Servant Leader
Nicole Tener, Kutztown University
The Student PSEA Outstanding Servant Leader Award recognizes individuals who have achieved excellence throughout the year by providing leadership at the region or chapter levels. The award was presented by Marie Hutchings, Student PSEA president.

Exceptional Underclassman 
Meredith Miller, West Chester University
The Student PSEA Exceptional Underclassman Award recognizes a freshman or sophomore who has achieved excellence throughout the year by providing leadership at the region or chapter level. The award was presented by Marie Hutchings, Student PSEA president.


Other Awards

Lucy Valero Scholarship Winners

Jenna Achtzehn, Slippery Rock University
Elizabeth Brunnquell, West Chester University
Hannah Fiscus, Slippery Rock University
Adam Stiner, Penn State University, Altoona


Learning Centers

1st place – Seton Hill University



1st place – University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

2nd place – West Chester University

3rd place – Slippery Rock University


2018 NEA SLC-RA Nomination Winners

Jessica Porter, Edinboro University

Shannon Walker, Penn State University, University Park

Alesha Molitor, Albright College

Shelby Rhoten, Shippensburg University

Nicole Tener, Kutztown University

Nicholas Chrimes, Clarion University

Emily Ferguson, Bloomsburg University

Stephanie Miller, Slippery Rock University

Katie Myers, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Jenna Achtzehn, Slippery Rock University

Cole Myers, Edinboro University

Adam Stiner, Penn State University, Altoona

Megan Williams, Bloomsburg University

Hannah Fiscus, Slippery Rock University

2018-19 Student PSEA Executive Committee

Hannah Fiscus,
 Slippery Rock University

Vice President
Adam Stiner,
 Penn State University, Altoona

Cole Myers,
 Edinboro University

Jenna Achtzehn,
 Slippery Rock University



2018-19 Student PSEA Executive Board

Central Region President
Hannah Smartwood,
 Mansfield University

Central-Western Region President
Katie Myers,
 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Eastern Region President
Alesha Molitor,
 Albright College

Mideastern Region President

Midwestern Region President
Stephanie Miller, Slippery Rock University

Northeastern Region President
Megan Williams,
 Bloomsburg University 

Northwestern Region President
Julie Bernatowicz,
 Edinboro University

Southeastern Region President
Katherine Flint,
 West Chester University

Southern Region President
Sabreena Shaller,
 Millersville University

Southwestern Region President
Lindsay Bertin,
 California University of Pennsylvania

Western Region President
Dominic Deluca,
 Duquesne University

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May 18-19
Student PSEA Executive Board Transition Leadership Development Meeting
PSEA Headquarters, Harrisburg

June 27-30
NEA Student Leadership Conference

June 30-July 5
NEA Representative Assembly

July 22-27
PSEA Summer Leadership Conference – Student PSEA School
Gettysburg College

Sept. 21-22
Student PSEA Organization Program Committee Meeting
PSEA Headquarters, Harrisburg

For the most up-to-date list of offerings, visit www.psea.org/calendar.

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