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Welcome Back!

As you settle into a new year on your campus, you will probably get some questions about Student PSEA. Most inquiries surround the purpose of our organization. The most common question will be, "Isn't Student PSEA just liability insurance?"

As a member of this valuable organization, you know the answer. Student PSEA is so much more than liability insurance.

This organization provides you with an abundance of opportunities to serve your community, advocate for public education, develop as a member and leader, and make meaningful connections within the field of education.

While your university program is helping you on your way toward becoming a teacher, Student PSEA truly helps propel you toward becoming a professional educator.

To learn more about all that Student PSEA has to offer, check out this informational video. Feel free to share with others!

The Source is here to provide you with pertinent information, interesting features, and valuable resources on your journey as a Student PSEA member. Is there something you'd like to see here? Email Cassie Davis at with ideas for your newsletter.


Scholarship opportunity

The Montgomery County PSEA-Retired Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that application materials for its $1,000 scholarship are now available.

Applications may be obtained by contacting Sue Castle at If you are a graduate of a Montgomery County high school and a current college sophomore or junior, please request an application form.

Scholarship applications are due in June 2018 and will be reviewed in July 2018.


“If you allow it, members in the Student Program – from your chapter, across the state, and at the national level – will become your family. Take every opportunity that presents itself and create opportunities for yourself, students, and others where they do not exist; this leadership will help you grow as educators and advocates more than you can imagine. College is where you learn to define yourself and if you seize the moment, you will surprise yourself in becoming the person you want to be – I know I did.”

--Ashley Muscarella, NEA Student Program Chair, 2015-16 Student PSEA President

Even in off-year elections, it is critically important to vote.

Politics are a huge part of the teaching profession. Legislators make policy decisions that affect every aspect of an educator's life – from what is taught in the classroom and how teachers are evaluated to the benefits and pay that educators receive.

It is crucial that we elect pro-public education candidates. But before we do that, we must register to VOTE.

Year after year, young people are criticized for not turning out at the polls. Be ready to vote by making sure you're registered by Oct. 10. If you need an absentee ballot, you must request one by Oct. 31.

To learn more about voting and PSEA-PACE's recommended candidates, visit

Congratulations to the elected leaders of Student PSEA. Best of luck as you start your year of service!

2017-18 Student PSEA Executive Committee

PresidentMarie Hutchings, Kutztown University
President-elect – Hannah Fiscus, Slippery Rock University
Vice President – Jessica Porter, Edinboro University
Secretary – Maria Wittman, Slippery Rock University
PACEMallory Piercy, Clarion University

Student Executive Board

Central Region President
Adam Stiner,
Penn State University – Altoona

Central-Western Region President
Rachel Kwisnek,
 Mt. Aloysius College

Eastern Region President
Kelsey Johnson,
 Kutztown University

Midwestern Region President
Brittany Fabbio,
 Slippery Rock University

Northeastern Region President
Shea Polley,
 Bloomsburg University

Northwestern Region President
Kirsten Findley,
 Edinboro University

Southeastern Region President
Anna Landis,
 West Chester University

Southern Region President
Emilee Stoner,
 Shippensburg University

Southwestern Region President
Melanie Trzeciak,
 Seton Hill University

Western Region President
Adam Moskowitz,
 Duquesne University

This team of veteran Student PSEA members is working hard for all members of Student PSEA, advocating for the rights of future educators, and planning abundant opportunities for professional and leadership development and community service.

Want to learn more about Student PSEA leadership opportunities? Visit

Adam Moskowitz

Student PSEA is shining a spotlight on Adam Moskowitz.

Moskowitz is a senior studying early childhood education at Duquesne University. Last year, he persevered through many challenges to establish a Student PSEA chapter at Duquesne.

This was no small feat. But his hard work paid off when he received approval from the administration and Student Government Association.

“Being a member of Student PSEA has allowed me to become an agent of change in education,” Moskowitz said.

Moskowitz is also in his second year as the student representative to the PSEA Minority Affairs Committee.

“This committee has meaning to me because as an Asian male in early childhood education, I am surrounded by white women,” he said. “Being on the Minority Affairs Committee has given me the wherewithal to stand up for myself, my students, and other people.”

As Western Region president, Moskowitz hopes to bring change to the Student PSEA Executive Committee before becoming an educator next year.

“My goal is to get more ethnic minority aspiring educators involved in Student PSEA,” he said.

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8-9 – Student PSEA Program Committee Meeting, Harrisburg

18 – Lebanon Valley College
“What Every Educator Should Know as They Transition From College To Career” pt I

19 – Lock Haven University
“Technology in Education Today 2.0: Web Resources & Apps for Today’s Digital Age Teachers and Students"
“Fostering a Growth Mindset Within Your Students Today”

25 – Lebanon Valley College
“What Every Educator Should Know as They Transition From College To Career” pt II

26 – Lock Haven University
“Effective Classroom Management: What Does the Research Tell Us Works?”

2 – Lebanon Valley College
“The PA Core Standards: Instruction and Assessment Resources and Information Presentation” pt I

4 – Lebanon Valley College
“The PA Core Standards: Instruction and Assessment Resources and Information Presentation” pt II

16 – Penn State University – Berks
"Fostering a Growth Mindset in the Classroom Today”

17 – Temple University, TBD

*19 – PSEA Southwest Region Office
"Balanced Assessment and Empowering Student Ownership of their Learning"

20-22 – Student PSEA Executive Board Leadership & Planning Retreat, Seven Springs Mountain Resort

*25 – PSEA Northeast Region Office, TBD

*31 – Aliquippa SD
"Student Achievement & Poverty"

*1-2 – Arkansas Education Association State Conference

3-4 – NEA Northeast Region Conference, Heritage Hotel Southbury, 522 Southbury Road, Southbury, CT, TBD

4 – Eastern PA Student PSEA Fall Conference, Kutztown University, TBD

*6 – Penn Delco EA
“Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) 2.0”

*9 – PSEA Eastern Region Office
“Technology in the Classroom 3.0”

*10-11 – PSEA Mideastern Region Leadership Development Conference
“Metacognitive Strategies: Empowering Students' Ownership of Learning”
“Technology in the Classroom Today 2.0”

14 – Lock Haven University
“What Every Pre-Professional Educator Should Know as They Transition from College to Career”

15 – Slippery Rock University
“Landscape of Education Today” and TBD

*16 – PSEA Northwest Region Office
“Writing Instruction Across the Content Areas”
“Effective Instruction: What Does the Research Tell Us Are The Most Effective Instructional Approaches, Techniques, And Strategies?”

18 – Slippery Rock University, The Western PA “Rock Solid” Student PSEA Fall Conference

*21 – PSEA Northeast Region Office, TBD

*1-3 – PSEA House of Delegates

Save the Date
2018 Student PSEA Conference and Convention
April 5-7, 2018
The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, State College 

* = not an event specifically for Student PSEA, but members are welcome to attend

400 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

This message is intended for PSEA Members and their families.

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