January 25, 2013

'Right to Work' laws are wrong for Pennsylvania

Capitol1Recently, anti-union groups renewed their attacks on the rights of teacher and public employees, introducing a package of 'Right to Work' bills in the PA House of Representatives.

These so-called “Right to Work” bills would allow employees to refuse to pay union dues or Fair Share, though they receive the benefits of union representation. These bad policies would hurt hardworking families and attack unions and collective bargaining.

'Right to Work' hurts workers
On average, workers in ‘right-to-work’ states have a lower standard of living, bring home less pay, and go without health insurance more frequently. This hurts small businesses as consumer spending is reduced, causing a ripple effect that further harms state and local economies.

'Right to work' laws strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights, reduce their health insurance, and eliminate other legal protections and benefits.

Wrong for Pennsylvania
A similar package of 'Right to Work' bills has been introduced in every legislative session in recent decades, and has never been passed by either chamber of the General Assembly.
While Gov. Tom Corbett supports 'Right to Work' proposals, he has previously indicated that he does not view them as a priority.

PSEA will continue to review these proposals and monitor activity in the Legislature. If 'Right to Work' bills ever begin to gain traction in the Legislature, PSEA will alert members and actively oppose these bad policies.

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