January 30, 2013

PSEA President responds to Governor Corbett's liquor privatization scheme

PSEA President Mike Crossey released a Jan. 30 statement on Gov. Tom Corbett’s liquor privatization scheme:

"Linking liquor store privatization to school funding is just another way of holding students hostage to the governor's political agenda.

“It’s nice that the governor has acknowledged that he created a school funding crisis, but our students shouldn’t have to count on liquor being available on every corner in order to have properly funded schools.

"We need to restore the nearly $1 billion in education cuts made by Governor Corbett with an adequate and sustainable funding plan, not with money that doesn’t exist.

"Plans to privatize the liquor stores have failed in the legislature every time they have been attempted in the last three decades and rightly so.

“PSEA is willing to work with legislators of both parties in the General Assembly to craft a long-term funding plan that is fair to taxpayers and provides students with the kind of quality education they deserve.”

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