September 30, 2013

Social media can help protect pensions

As PSEA members, there's a fast, easy way to receive PSEA action alerts, Member Benefits discounts, education news, and the latest updates on the fight to stop Gov. Tom Corbett's attacks on public employee pensions.

You can find it on Facebook.

On PSEA's Facebook page, PSEA members and education advocates can gather online to support public schools, students, education jobs, and pensions.
From a computer or smartphone, simply "liking" the PA State Education Association page will allow members to discuss educational issues with colleagues, ask questions about legislation or other happenings, and help you stay plugged in to advocacy alerts.

"As we work to stop Gov. Tom Corbett's bad policies, it's essential that we be able to get in touch with our members as quickly as possible," said PSEA Treasurer Dolores M. McCracken. "Using new technology like social media, text messaging, and email combined with phone chains and building advocacy coordinators, we can make sure every PSEA member gets the message."

PSEA launched its first Facebook page in 2008, with a social network that grows each week. Visit and to find statewide social media pages.

PSEA has also developed social media tools for Advocates for Children and Education (ACEs), local website editors, PSEA-Retired members, Student PSEA members, and others.





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