November 18, 2013

Go All In during PSEA's week of action

All In LogoWith public education threatened by budget cuts and bad policies, it's about time that Pennsylvanians heard some good news about their schools. That is why PSEA is organizing a Week of Action during American Education Week, Nov. 18-22.

“PSEA members make our public schools great,” PSEA President Michael J. Crossey said. “During this week of action, I want every PSEA member to tell that story and remind their communities how important public education is.”

American Education Week provides an opportunity to recognize educators and the public schools they serve. PSEA's Week of Action will encourage members to engage in specific activities to shine the spotlight on their schools, reach out to their communities, enroll Partners for Public Education, and connect with lawmakers. 

Learn more about the Week of Action and find activities you can use in your local at

“Every single day, PSEA members take action in their schools and classrooms,” Crossey said. “Let's use this week of action to tell our communities about the great work they do, and encourage parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors to go All In to support our public schools.”




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