October 21, 2014

PSEA proudly joins the Campaign for Fair Education Funding

Gov. Tom Corbett's nearly $1 billion in public school funding cuts hit students in the state's poorest communities the hardest. A recent PSEA report found that school funding cuts have hurt Pennsylvania’s poorest school districts and its neediest students the most, with larger classes and a drop in student achievement on standardized test scores.

PSEA believes that the quality of students' education shouldn't be decided by zip codes. 

It's time to reverse the governor's devastating school funding cuts, and create a fair, sustainable funding formula to make sure that every student in Pennsylvania has the opportunity to succeed.

More than 40 organizations, including education groups from across the state, the business community, labor organizations, religious organizations, and community groups formed a new, unprecedented coalition to make these goals a reality: the Campaign for Fair Education Funding.

 Fair Funding Coalition - Oct 2014

"PSEA is proud to take part in the Campaign for Fair Education Funding," said PSEA President Mike Crossey. "Changing our school funding system will not be an easy task. But Pennsylvania's children deserve better. The resources, energy, and commitment of this new coalition will give us the momentum to make sure every child has a chance to succeed."

The campaign's mission is to ensure that Pennsylvania adopts and maintains an adequate and equitable system of funding public education by 2016. 

PSEA will continue to speak out for fair education funding and support opportunities to improve public education for every student in Pennsylvania. Learn more at www.fairfundingpa.org.










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