November 24, 2014

New PSEA Advisories on flexible instructional days

PSEA Professional Learning Exchange
PSEA issued new advisories for EA and ESP members regarding PDE's recently approved pilot program allowing local education agencies (LEA) to seek approval to offer flexible instruction days as alternative methods of instruction. The program is in response to requests by LEAs to offer online learning as make-up days due to inclement weather.

These days, if approved, could have a negative impact on wages, hours, and working conditions, which are mandatory subjects of bargaining. More importantly, members could see a reduction in work hours, pay, and loss of PSERS credit if a LEA implements flexible instruction days without permitting ESP members to make up the missed time.

PSEA issued a letter to PDE opposing the initiative and asking for copies of district plans as they are submitted. PDE agreed, and we will be developing an internal process for reviewing any that we receive.

The full advisories can be found on PSEA's website. Find the EA version here. Find the ESP version here.

PSEA members who have questions regarding flexible instructional days should contact their local presidents.







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