August 17, 2015

Update: School employee background checks requirements

A new law changes state policy on school employee background checks. Please review the information below to understand how the changes affect you.

Act 153 of 2014 requires school employees to provide or renew State Police/FBI record checks and child abuse clearance statements. Additional changes to the law went into effect July 2015. 

Here's the latest:

  • The renewal period for background checks increased from three years to five years.
  • The cost of state police and child abuse clearance background checks decreased from $10 to $8.
  • School employees who obtain background checks for employment can use them for volunteer activities with children, and when applying for employment in other school districts.

Learn more
Find additional information, deadlines, and links to renew background checks and clearances at

If you have any questions regarding these new guidelines, contact your PSEA UniServ Representative.  




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