January 22, 2015

PSEA President congratulates Gov. Tom Wolf

PSEA President Mike Crossey congratulates newly inaugurated Gov. Tom Wolf and calls on lawmakers to work together to make public school funding a top priority.

“Tom Wolf is going to be a great governor,” said Crossey. “He understands the problems that Pennsylvanians need their government to solve, and we're eager to work with him and the General Assembly to do just that.”

Crossey emphasized that Pennsylvania's strong support for public education gives Gov. Wolf a mandate to reverse historic school funding cuts and make essential new investments in Pennsylvania's students.

“Gov. Wolf believes in public education and wants to make sure our public schools have the funding they need to give every student a great education,” Crossey said. “Pennsylvanians are with him on this issue. It's a priority. That's why I'm confident that we can do great things for public education if everyone works together.

“Pennsylvanians know that the school funding crisis can't be solved overnight, but they also know the work toward solving the crisis needs to start right now. We're ready to get started.”


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