March 27, 2015

Pennsylvanians support Gov. Wolf's plan to increase school funding 

A new poll shows that more Pennsylvania voters believe the state is headed in the right direction than at any time since January 2010 - and a majority of Pennsylvanians support Gov. Wolf's plan to restore investments in public education.

Franklin & Marshall College's latest public opinion poll, released March 26, shows that most Pennsylvanians (59%) support Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed state budget - which includes the largest one-year school funding increase in Pennsylvania's history.

The top three reasons respondents gave for supporting the proposal are increased funding for education, property tax relief, and an extraction tax on the Marcellus Shale industry.

The poll also found that the top two priorities for voters continue to be education funding and property tax relief - initiatives that Gov. Wolf is focused on getting done in the Legislature.

"These poll results show that Gov. Wolf's proposed state budget is popular, bold, and smart," PSEA President Mike Crossey said. "His proposal shows that our state can reverse the school funding cuts that have put our schools in crisis at the same time that we make our tax system fairer for working Pennsylvanians - and voters will stand behind him."

"Right now, Pennsylvania is 45th in state support for public schools," added Crossey. "Over the past four years, school districts have cut more than 23,000 teachers and support professionals, and 91 percent have raised property taxes. Gov. Wolf's budget addresses this crisis head on. It's exactly what our students need."

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