April 24, 2015

Attention PSERS members: Notice of telephone scam

PSERS Acting Executive Director Terrill J. Sanchez issued an April 24 alert to all PSERS active and retired members about a recurring telephone scam in which PSERS members are contacted by individuals claiming to be with the U.S. Treasury or Internal Revenue Service. These individuals state there is an issue with their PSERS benefit. This is a telephone scam and members should immediately hang up.

“PSERS members should remain alert to these types of telephone scams,” Sanchez said. “These individuals can be aggressive and may call multiple times. It is important to never give out any personal information or account information. Protect yourself by not speaking with the caller. Simply hang up.”

This telephone scam is very similar to a well-known IRS scam. Read more about the IRS scam here.  

Remember this rule of thumb: Never give out personal information on the telephone unless you initiated the call to a company you are certain is legitimate.

Other tips for avoiding phone or email scams:

  • Never give out billing information over the phone, especially if you receive an unsolicited telephone call from a stranger.
  • Never forget that you are in control. You can always hang up, find a company's telephone number, and call it directly.

If you have any questions about your PSERS benefit information, contact them by calling 1-888-773-7748 or sending an email using PSERS' online contact form






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