July 13, 2015

Partnering with parents to inspire love of the arts

Voice: July 2015 

Student paintingMusic and the arts are a critical part of a well-rounded education. They introduce creativity and innovative thinking into day-to-day learning, and have been found to increase students’ social and emotional skills and competencies, including teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership.

Partners Post, the monthly e-newsletter of Partners for Public Education, explored just how vital the study of music, drama, and the visual arts is to learning and student growth. The lessons learned in the classroom, the theater, the art museum, the concert hall, and the world beyond are helping to produce the next generation of critical and creative thinkers.

Partners asked art, music, and theater teachers from across Pennsylvania to offer their tips on how best to encourage children to think creatively and to appreciate music and the creative arts. Here is a sampling of what they said:

  • Drawing is the precursor to reading. When children make a connection between visual images and marks on a page, they are laying the foundation for lifelong learning. Encourage your kids to draw.
  • Keep art supplies on hand. A box of crayons and some blank paper can unlock a lot of creative potential in children. Send your child outside in old clothes to get down and dirty with paints or sidewalk chalk.
  • Take in a show. Encourage storytelling and creative imagination. Visit your local theater and take in a show.
  • Listen to music. There is no better way to nurture a love for music than by listening to music with your kids. Bring lawn chairs and the children to hear bands and orchestras playing summer concerts at the park.
  • Encourage your children to be musical. Talk to your kids about joining the band, orchestra, or chorus at school. These experiences give students an opportunity to learn and grow musically, creatively, emotionally, and socially.

Find more tips and ideas at www.partnersforpubliced.org/Arts and print out a two-pager to share at parent-teacher conferences, end-of-the-year parties, or other events.

Partners Post is just one benefit of Partners for Public Education, a community outreach program formed by PSEA to bring together parents, educators, and community members to create connections with public schools and to advocate on behalf of public education.






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