March 30, 2016

Gov. Wolf allows supplemental 2015-16 state budget to become law

Gov. Tom Wolf announced that he will allow the 2015-16 supplemental state budget that the General Assembly passed last week to become law. 

It's not the budget that our schools need or that our students deserve, but it keeps our schools open and ensures that our students, educators, and support professionals can finish the year without the threat of districts shutting down. 

The budget provides a $150 million increase in basic education funding, a $50 million increase in Ready to Learn Block Grants, and a $30 million increase in special education funding. Gov. Wolf had proposed increases of $400 million in basic education funding and $100 million in special education funding.

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Now it’s time to focus on next year’s budget
With the 2015-16 budget finally completed, it's time to focus on getting the 2016-17 budget right. 

"Gov. Wolf has never wavered in his promise to get a balanced budget that includes historic funding increases for our schools," said PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak. "He has made it clear that he's going to keep fighting for the kind of funding that our schools and students need. We're going to fight right alongside of him.

"We need to do everything we can to make sure that the kind of historic budget impasse that threw our schools into crisis this year doesn't happen again next year. The key to that success is making sure that lawmakers and the governor work together to close the state's $2 billion budget deficit, fund our schools, and use a school funding formula that is fair for everyone."

Our elected officials have another chance to get this right, and we need to ask them to take it.

Tell state legislators to start working together on the 2016-17 budget.

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