May 18, 2016

Gov. Wolf vetoes educator furlough bill

Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed House Bill 805, legislation that would make it easier to furlough experienced educators and base high-stakes furlough decisions on student test scores. The state Senate passed House Bill 805 on May 9.

"Gov. Wolf did the right thing for Pennsylvania’s schools, students, and educators by vetoing this bill," said PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak. "With Gov. Wolf’s veto, lawmakers can get back to work on what Pennsylvanians really want – funding our schools and supporting what really helps kids learn." 

Furloughs based on educator evaluations
House Bill 805 would allow school districts to furlough employees for economic reasons and base those decisions on the untested and unreliable results of Pennsylvania's new educator evaluation system. That system, only in its second year, relies too heavily on standardized test results, which were never designed as an evaluation tool and provide a very limited picture of student achievement.

Bigger issues to address
Pennsylvania needs to pass a state budget with the school funding increases our schools need and students deserve.

"Legislators need to focus on funding our schools, instead of trying to punish teachers for years of hard work and well-earned experience in the classroom," Oleksiak said.





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