May 6, 2016

HealthCare-PSEA celebrates National Nurses Week 

National Nurses Week

Pennsylvania nurses are the bedrock of our health care system. They are the first ones patients encounter, and the people who provide high-quality, compassionate care day in and day out.

HealthCare-PSEA is celebrating National Nurses Week May 6-12 by recognizing nurse members and the critical role they play in their communities.

"Our health care system just wouldn't work without nurses,'' said HealthCare-PSEA President Sandra Zubek. "This is a great chance to recognize the amazing work nurses do.''

Aside from the critical role HealthCare-PSEA nurses play in tending to patients, they educate patients and their families about disease prevention, ensure patient safety, and coordinate care. They also face unprecedented challenges in an ever-changing profession, including sweeping patient insurance changes, demanding new data-driven accountability standards, increasing technology use, and shifting medical knowledge.

Despite the challenges, HealthCare-PSEA's nurses bring the very best clinical expertise and specialized training to the health care delivery system

Whether advocating for patient safety, counseling a family, or taking care of a sick child, nurses are making our communities healthier and safer places to live. Take a moment May 6-12 to thank the nurses and health care workers you know for the valuable work they do. 



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