June 23, 2016

Chichester EA president wins Stand Up for Education Raffle grand prize 

Nancy Dunn - Chichester EACongratulations to Nancy Dunn, president of Chichester EA, who won the $5,000 grand prize in the PSEA-PACE Stand Up for Public Education Raffle. Dunn's summer just got a little bit sweeter, all because she contributed to PSEA-PACE to help elect pro-public education candidates this fall.

Dunn has been giving to PSEA-PACE since early in her teaching career, though she was hesitant when she first started the profession.

"It became so much more obvious to me, teaching here in Pennsylvania, that our jobs and everyday life in the classroom are controlled by what happens in the Legislature," she said. "I felt like ordinary teachers in the classroom needed to have a voice in the state Capitol. PSEA-PACE is the vehicle through which we have a voice, and I wanted to be a part of that."

Dunn realized the impact that legislators have on educators every day.

"The decisions they make affect our students and our profession as a whole, not just our individual jobs, but the profession in public education. We need to have that voice," she said. "PSEA gives us a voice. Collectively we make a difference."

She believes in the power of personal connections - something she believes is crucial to fostering leadership within PSEA.

"I would have never, ever considered a leadership role if it hadn't been for leaders in my local recognizing my passion and interest, and approaching me to step up," she said. "It speaks to members who are already in leadership positions providing training and personally challenging members. People are willing to step up, but you have to ask them."

 After the impact her local leaders made on her, Dunn now looks to be that guiding light for others.

"We are training and building up the feeling of confidence in each of our members," she said. "It's the ability to not just go to that 'union person' in your local. Everybody is that union person."

As for her winnings, Dunn's oldest daughter is getting married in the fall, so she foresees some of her winnings going toward that joyous event, but added, "we are definitely going to enjoy a little of it at the beach this summer."




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