December 8, 2016

PSEA members donate books, toys, and clothing items for Duquesne City students

Students in the financially troubled Duquesne City School District will get 1,000 books, toys, and items of warm clothing thanks to the generosity of PSEA members.

Nearly 1,000 PSEA members gathered in Pittsburgh on Dec. 2-3 for the PSEA House of Delegates. Attendees brought the gifts to show their support for students in Duquesne City.  

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“PSEA members teach and serve Pennsylvania’s students every day, and we are proud to show special support this year for kids in Duquesne City,” said PSEA president Jerry Oleksiak. “When students need extra help, encouragement, or a few extra books, PSEA members are eager to do our part.”

The Duquesne City School District is one of Pennsylvania’s most financially challenged school districts with a median household income of $20,175. The district is one of four currently operating under the commonwealth’s financial recovery law.

The project was organized by the organization’s Minority Affairs Committee with help from PSEA’s Partners for Public Education, which is composed of more than 10,000 parents and community members who support Pennsylvania’s public schools. 

“Pennsylvania has a lot of students in need, and everyone should do what they can to help and show their support for them,” said Darlene Edwards, chair of PSEA’s Minority Affairs Committee. “I am so pleased that so many of our members made donations this year.”

PSEA delivered the donated items to Duquesne City on Saturday, Dec. 3.



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