February 23, 2017

February is Career and Technical Education Month in Pennsylvania

CTE1Career and technical education plays an important role in preparing students for jobs after graduation or furthering their post-secondary education. Each February, we recognize the work of students pursuing career ambitions through CTE pathways and thank the educators whose work helps students find their passion and reach their full potential. Career and Technical Education equips students with the knowledge and the technical skills they need to find productive careers and after graduation.

Research consistently has shown that when students are engaged in school, through coursework, relationships, and extra-curricular activities, they are more likely to stay in school. Measures that provide schools, educators, and communities the dedicated, targeted resources needed to provide cutting edge career and technical education programs, instruction, and apprenticeships will ensure the greatest number of students achieve successful certification, gainful employment, and boundless options.

PSEA.org's Department of Career and Technical Studies includes information and resources for educators.

PSEA supports Career and Technical Education
PSEA Solutions That Work includes recommendations to continue and strengthen Career and Technical Education resources in Pennsylvania.







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