March 4, 2011

PSEA supports Wisconsin and Ohio workers' rights

Across the nation, school employees' and public employees' rights to organize and collectively bargain are under attack.  

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has proposed a state budget bill that  would balance the budget on the backs of hard-working public school and state employees.

The legislation threatens the fundamental right of workers to organize a union, including workers’ rights to: bargain on overtime and salary schedules; and secure pensions and health insurance.

Public Support:

Recent polls show Americans' support public employees' right to collectively bargain and have a say in their jobs and working conditions.

Wisconsin: Governor Walker's Attack on Worker Rights:

  • The people of Wisconsin did not elect Gov. Walker to undermine public education but that is exactly what his Attack on Worker Rights bill will do.
  • The legislation would hurt hard-working men and women and their families.
  • This extreme, politically-motivated attack on workers' rights has the potential to forever harm the quality of Wisconsin schools and the education children receive, because educators will have no longer have a say in school quality issues.
  • Public employees are willing to do their part in tough economic times, but the governor's proposal is not a budget fix and would set employee-employer relations back decades.

Ohio: Senate Bill 5:

Ohio Senator Shannon Jones recently revealed language of Senate Bill 5, a bill that will have a significant impact on public employees. 

The bill eliminates collective bargaining for state employees, police officers, firefighters and employees of higher education institutions, and significantly undermines collective bargaining for K-12 employees.



PSEA members supporting workers in Wisconsin and Ohio:

We Are One - photo 1

Public employees in Wisconsin and Ohio fighting for their rights.

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