February 26, 2011

PSEA resolution supports Wisconsin Education Association Consortium

We Are One buttonThe PSEA Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution supporting the members of the Wisconsin Education Association Consortium and all Wisconsin union members, whose rights to collectively bargain are being threatened by their governor and members of Wisconsin's state assembly.

Full text of the resolution:

Be It Resolved...
That the 191,000 members of the Pennsylvania State Education Association stand as one with their brothers and sisters in the Wisconsin Education Association Consortium and with all union members in Wisconsin in their fight to preserve and protect our rights as union members and as American citizens.

We admire your determination, we are inspired by your perseverance and, along with you, we remain committed to the cause you so courageously defend.

Passed unanimously by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, February 26, 2011.

Learn more about attacks on collective bargaining in Wisconsin and Ohio, and how you can support workers' rights across the nation.



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