Professional Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

  • New teachers have the right to one year of induction with a mentor.
  • Teachers have the right to a proper assignment, i.e. within your area of certification
  • Teachers have the right, within policies of a school districts, to assign grades to students.
  • Teachers have the right to a 30-minute duty-free lunch break.
  • As a member of a bargaining unit, teachers have rights contained in local contracts.

Your Responsibilities

  • Observe child abuse laws
  • Uphold requirements of the Professional Standards and Practices Act
  • Keep teaching certificate valid and active
  • Behave in a manner consistent with PSEA's Code of Ethics 

Professional Rights and Responsibilities (PR&R) Commission

PSEA established a Professional Rights and Responsibilities Commission to provide members with several resources to foster positive, productive workplaces and local associations. The Commission is committed to promoting professional conduct, administering the PSEA Code of Ethics of the Education Profession, assisting in the reduction of member conflicts, and guaranteeing Association due process rights.


PSEA members can participate by distributing PSEA Code of Ethics pamphlets to fellow members, and establishing local PR&R Committees. Contact your region office for help with conflict resolution training, intervention between members and developing an advocacy plan to deal with internal problems.

Educators must conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with students, administrators and, above all, their fellow professionals. Conflict and professional disagreement can and will happen in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be negative or damaging. When members respect each other, they continue to gain respect from parents, students, administrators and the public.




Member Advocacy Center

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