May 25, 2011

PSEA President urges lawmakers to use revenue surplus to prevent devastating school funding cuts

Save PA Schools buttonPSEA President James P. Testerman urges Senate members and budget negotiators to use the Commonwealth’s growing revenue surplus to prevent devastating state funding cuts to Pennsylvania’s public schools.

A budget proposal approved by the House of Representatives on March 24 restores $240 million of the governor's proposed $1.2 billion in school funding cuts, but still cuts nearly $1 billion from our public schools.

“The budget bill the House passed yesterday is a step in the right direction, but there is much more work to do,” Testerman said. “With a $500 million revenue surplus, legislators have the resources on hand to prevent devastating funding cuts to our public schools. They know that they should not stash $500 million away in a ‘Rainy Day Fund,’ when it is raining right now in our schools and communities.”

Testerman commended House members who made a stand on this important issue and urged Senate leaders, who have stated their public support for using the state revenue surplus, to restore school funding. Some lawmakers and public policy organizations have pointed out that the $500 million revenue surplus for FY 2010-2011 could mean that as much as $1 billion in unexpected revenues will be available in FY 2011-2012.

“Legislators know that our public schools are struggling to balance their budgets and that $1 billion in  budget cuts means larger class sizes, cuts to programs that work, and property tax increases,” Testerman added.  “Lawmakers can save our schools.  And I stand ready to support their efforts to do that.”

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