July 15, 2011

PSEA-Retired receives national honors for membership growth

PSEA-Retired Awards 2011PSEA-Retired members know that retiring from your job doesn't mean you retire from PSEA and the important activities of your Association. These retired educators value their membership, and play an active role in PSEA and the future of public education.

At this year's NEA-Retired Annual Meeting in Chicago, PSEA-Retired received national honors for membership growth.

More than 1,200 new members joined PSEA-Retired this year - or 10% of all new NEA-Retired members - increasing PSEA-Retired to more than 25,000 members and growing.

This membership milestone earned PSEA-Retired an NEA-Retired award for placing second in the nation in membership recruitment this year.

“PSEA-Retired is proud to have earned this award,” said PSEA-Retired President Sue Jones. “We look forward to recruiting many more new members in the coming year, and maybe winning the top award next year.”

Additional honors
PSEA-Retired locals swept the NEA-Retired awards for local association newsletters, with York-Adams PSEA-Retired taking home top honors for for their newsletter, and Schuylkill County PSEA-Retired earning second place.

The York-Adams PSEA-Retired newsletter also received the "Hall of Fame" award for a newsletter, given to publications that have received so many honors and awards that they are no longer eligible to enter. Statement, PSEA-Retired's statewide newsletter, received a Hall of Fame award several years prior.

Have you joined?
PSEA-Retired offers a wealth of programs, activities, and benefits, while keeping you connected to the people and the profession that are so important to you.

PSEA-Retired members receive:

  • Effective lobbying for retirement benefits
  • An unbroken string of services provided to all PSEA/NEA members - services that can be provided only by the association’s professional staff in Harrisburg, Washington and our region officers throughout the state and nation
  • PSEA Member Benefits offers discounts and savings
  • A personal legal services program with significant discounts
  • Representation in legal cases involving prior employment problems or in legal cases involving the Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) if you have been a continuous member for the past five years
  • Membership in an active and growing family of education professionals

Visit www.psea.org/retired to learn more about PSEA-Retired membership and join online.



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