October 28, 2011

Vice President Joe Biden visits York City school to urge support for American Jobs Act

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Jerry Oleksiak and Kim Schwarz - Oct 18 2011

Pictured: York City EA President Kim Schwarz and PSEA Vice President Jerry Oleksiak

Vice President Joe Biden - Oct 18 2011

Pictured: Vice President Joe Biden

PSEA Vice President Jerry Oleksiak and members of the York City EA, York City ESP, and PSEA-Retired welcomed Vice President Joe Biden to Goode Elementary School on October 18 as he rallied support for the American Jobs Act, which would invest as much as $1.15 billion in Pennsylvania's public schools and support 14,000 education jobs.

"Now more than ever, our schools and students need these funds," Oleksiak said. "Schools like Goode Elementary are hurting because of Governor Corbett's budget cuts.

"The American Jobs Act will help. And we need to help pass it."

York City School District cut 123 jobs as a result of $8.4 million in state budget cuts.

Biden emphasized the importance of early childhood education, praised York City for its recent academic achievement gains, and noted the impact of recent state budget cuts.

"I'm here at Goode Elementary because of the cuts this school had to make," Biden said. "You had no choice, but the impact on the future of our kids is inexcusable. We're campaigning to change this environment. We don't have time to wait.”

Biden complimented the school district for recent gains in student achievement.

"Just as you're getting up and starting to run, these budget cuts dropped on you," he said.

During his remarks, Biden praised York City EA president Kim Schwarz, noting that she and her colleagues helped to save the school district's kindergarten program by agreeing to a salary freeze.

"I am proud to be associated with you, your school, and your colleagues," Biden said before applause filled the room.

Schwarz said, “I am honored to represent the members of York City Education Association at today’s event, and pleased that Vice President Biden took time to acknowledge the hard work and service of York City educators.”

Biden concluded by connecting the goals of the American Jobs Act to York City's motto.

"Your motto 'failure is not an option' is exactly what the president and I believe," Biden said.





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