November 3, 2011

PSEA member talks school modernization with President Obama

President Obama invited a group of NEA members, education activists, and stakeholders from across the country to attend a working meeting on education jobs and school modernization.

The discussion focused on the American Jobs Act (AJA) which will modernize public schools nationwide, prevent hundreds of thousands of educator layoffs, and keep students out of overcrowded classrooms. It could bring as much as $1.15 billion and 14,000 education jobs to Pennsylvania.

Chichester elementary school teacher and PSEA Board of Directors/NEA Director Tim Graham attended the meeting at the White House. Graham told President Obama about the impact of state budget cuts and educator furloughs on Pennsylvania students. Watch the video below to hear him speak about the American Jobs Act and his meeting with President Obama and Vice President Biden.


President Obama believes the challenges facing children, educators, and our public schools can’t wait. The President is now trying to get Congress to approve the bill in separate parts. For example, funding for the school modernization piece of the American Jobs Act has been split off from the bill and is now contained in the Fix America’s Schools Today (FAST) Act.

The funding piece that will benefit students by saving educator jobs and returning teachers and education support professionals back to work is contained in the Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act.

After Tuesday’s meeting, Graham and others joined NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and thousands of educators on a national conference call with Obama Senior Advisor David Plouffe. The call provided educators another opportunity to discuss the need for the American Jobs Act and advocate on behalf of students.

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