November 21, 2012

Video: Kids, Cuts, and Consequences

Across Pennsylvania, PSEA members are talking about the consequences Gov. Tom Corbett’s unprecedented school funding cuts are having on the students they teach.

Through the Kids, Cuts, and Consequences project, PSEA members are sharing their stories and describing the impact of these devastating cuts.

These stories are powerful, dramatic, and real.

In this video, you will hear your colleagues talk about class size increases, cuts to important tutoring programs, staggering job losses, and concerns about how these consequences will impact the way Pennsylvania’s students learn.

These stories are unfolding in every one of our public schools. Visit to hear from even more PSEA members about the impact of funding cuts.

In the coming weeks and months, even more PSEA members will tell their stories. The Kids, Cuts, and Consequences project will feature those stories on this website, in Voice, and in other PSEA publications.

Every PSEA member has a story to tell about the consequences of these brutal funding cuts.

Look for more of these stories. And watch for ways to tell your story.

By telling them, we can remind Gov. Corbett of what we already know: that restoring these funding cuts must be Pennsylvania's top priority.




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