July 9, 2012

Recent survey shows a growing crisis in public schools

A recent survey of school district officials confirms what educators, parents, and students already know: State budget cuts are hurting our schools - and things are getting worse.

Members of the PA Association of School Administrators (PASA) and the PA Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) participated in an annual school budget survey in April 2012.

Survey responses indicate that, for a second consecutive year, school districts’ are forced to consider program cuts and furloughs, unless state and local funding improves. School districts made significant cuts as a result of Gov. Corbett’s $860 million in cuts to schools in this year’s state budget.

Without additional state and local funding, school districts will be forced to cut even more programs and jobs, further limiting students’ opportunities to learn.

As of April 2012:

  • 60 percent of school districts are increasing class size
  • 58 percent are cutting art, music, physical education, electives, and advanced placement courses
  • 46 percent are cutting field trips and extracurricular activities including sports
  • 75 percent are furloughing employees or cutting positions through attrition
  • 19 percent are cutting early childhood programs like full-day kindergarten
  • 37 percent will reduce tutoring and extended learning opportunities that provide extra help for struggling students
  • 34 percent will eliminate summer school programs that provide students the opportunity to make up academic credit that will allow them to graduate on time.

Visit www.psea.org/schoolcuts to find out how budget cuts impact individual school districts.



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