September 12, 2012

The consequences of voter apathy

Voter apathy comes at a hefty price. Journalist George Jean Nathan once wrote, “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.’’

In Pennsylvania, U.S. Census and Pennsylvania Department of State data show that more than one million of the state’s eligible voters are not registered to vote.

On Election Day in 2010, less than 50 percent of Pennsylvania voters participated in the election that put Tom Corbett in the governor’s office. Since taking office, Corbett has cut nearly $1 billion in public education funding, pushed for tuition vouchers, and threatened school employees’ bargaining rights. Now he is coming after public employees’ pensions.

This November, PSEA members have a chance to “Stand Together’’ and support pro-public education candidates who will work to stop bad policies and fix the crisis in public schools.

"PSEA’s 187,000 members and our families can decide elections, but only if we go to the polls and vote," said PSEA Treasurer Dolores M. McCracken. "When we stand together, we win together."

The voter registration deadline for the November election is Tuesday, Oct. 9. If you are not registered to vote, or if you know someone who is not registered, go to to download and print a voter registration form. Fill out the form and mail it to your county election office (listed on the form) by Oct. 9, and you will be eligible to vote on Nov. 6.

Contact your PSEA Region Office to request voter registration forms to share with your colleagues, family, and friends. Make sure that everyone you know has an opportunity to vote for pro-public education candidates this fall.

The stakes for this election couldn’t be higher. Pennsylvania will be a battleground state in the presidential election, and some state legislative candidates are looking to continue cutting funding for schools, attack pensions, and privatize public education.

It is also important given Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law to have the proper identification. 

Do everything you can to make sure that your family, your friends, and your colleagues register to vote by Oct. 9.

We can work to reverse bad policies that hurt our schools, our students, and the future of public education if “We Stand Together’’ and cast our votes for pro-public education candidates this fall.




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