October 2, 2012

PSEA President Mike Crossey comments on Voter ID law decision

PSEA President Mike Crossey issued an October 2 statement regarding the Commonwealth Court’s decision to postpone the Pennsylvania Voter ID law.

“There shouldn’t be roadblocks erected in front of Pennsylvania’s voting booths. Today, the Commonwealth Court tore one down, ensuring that Pennsylvanians can exercise their right to vote on November 6.

“Pennsylvania is the cradle of liberty, where great minds created the laws and principles that allow citizens to choose their government and elect the people who represent them.

“In our schools and classrooms, educators teach the Commonwealth’s students about this great history, and about what this history means to their rights as citizens, every day.

“Today’s decision ensures that the rights of Pennsylvanians to cast ballots on Election Day will not be eroded, infringed, or violated.

“Pennsylvanians should be proud of this decision and the principles that it upholds.”

Find more information about voting in Pennsylvania and other election resources on PSEA's Voter Toolkit - www.psea.org/vote2012.





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