Member Benefits Spotlight: Access Program 2.0

PSEA members can take advantage of savings and discounts on restaurants, hotels, travel, automotive services, shopping, and more - through the Access Program, part of PSEA Member Benefits.

Two major changes to the program:

1) The Access website has been completely redesigned to make it easier for members to find savings opportunities.

2) PSEA members using the Access Program will need to create a new account on the redesigned Access website. (Note: PSEA Members Only information will not work - you will need to register your home email address and PSEA Member ID number)

How to register:

1. Visit the Access program website
2. Click on the “Register” link at the top of the page
3. Fill out the registration form, with your PSEA Member ID number and your home email address (you’ll also need to choose a password to access the site)
4. Once you’ve registered, an email will be sent to the home email account you indicated on the form, with a link to confirm your registration.
5. After you’ve confirmed your registration, you’ll be able to login to the Access program.

Tips for using the new Access website:

1. Search for merchants and offers by typing keywords and/or the merchant name in the Search Box.

2. Search for discounts by category including: Auto, Entertainment & Recreation, Dining, Shopping, Services, Travel, and more.

3. Search for discounts by brand. View a list from A-Z of all the brands available in the program.

4. When finding and using savings, make sure to follow each offer’s specific redemption instructions.

5. Use the Savings Calculator Tool to see how much your yearly savings will be.

6. Narrow down your search for exclusive discounts by using the Filters Section.

7. Enjoy enhanced search capabilities and the Google Maps tool to find deals near you.


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