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Certification and Program Approval

  • CATS Secondary Program Approval Instructions -  Includes information regarding 2012 re-approval, CATS contact person, Act 67, and three (3) new sections under the Specific Information tab--CTSO, Guidance/Support Services, Administrative Committees. (pdf)
  • Vocational Instructional Certifications – Details on requirements for Intern, Vocational I and Vocational II instructional certifications.
  • SOAR Programs Career and Industry-Based Website - This chart lists industry-related Web sites for each of Programs of Study. (pdf)
  • - To view current advanced credit opportunities articulated with postsecondary institutions. SOAR Programs offer qualifying students advanced credit(s) with partnering postsecondary institutions in aligned CTE programs.
  • Industry-Recognized Certifications for Career and Technical Education Programs – Find out what the latest Industry Approved Certifications for your program are, by CIP Code and program name. (pdf)
  • Approved Program Evaluation (APE) Checklist -This checklist (dated 7/26/2011 in the footer) is aligned to Chapter 339, Vocational Education Standards. It is used as an organizational tool for career and technical schools and sending school districts to prepare for the vocational/career and technical education approved program on-site visitations that begin in September 2012. (pdf)

2012 High Priority Occupation Information

HPO Draft Data, The official 2012 HPO lists will be released on October 1, 2012.

Studies on Career and Technical Education

Perkins IV 2012-2013 Allocations

Perkins IV 2008-2013 Supporting Documents

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- The Harvard study contends that at present, we place far too much emphasis on a single pathway to success: attending and graduating from a four-year college.

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