Urban Issues

PSEA recognizes the many challenges inherent in providing quality education to all students, especially those students living in urban areas and/or communities with high needs and limited resources. To respond to these challenges and the challenges associated with creating and maintaining active local associations in these high-need communities, PSEA has created an initiative, under the umbrella of Urban Education, to strengthen the support and resources local associations need in order to advocate effectively for their members and for high quality education programs for all students.

PSEA works to ensure that all children and school employees local education associations have fair and equitable access to quality, innovative, and state of the art educational settings and programming which will allow them to reach their full potential as students, employees, and citizens.

Funding Opportunity: NEA's Urban Grants Program
Since 1985, the National Education Association’s Urban Grants - a program of NEA's National Council of Urban Education Associations - has supported local NEA affiliates in the development of education reform leadership programs for preK-12/graduate school faculty and education support professionals. Twenty-five Urban Grants in the amount of $5,000 each are awarded annually to NEA local affiliates to help support them with these programs.

The NEA Constituent Relations Department administers the program and looks for proposals that contribute to providing a great public school for every child by:

  • Closing the achievement gaps
  • Engaging the ethnic-minority community toward achieving a great public school for every student
  • Working in partnership with state affiliates to achieve a minimum of $40,000 starting salary for teachers and living wage for Education Support Professionals
  • Growing and developing membership
  • Increasing and stabilizing funding for public schools.




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