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August 25, 2015

Understanding Keystone Exams

Currently, all students take the Keystone Exams. Starting with the class of 2016-17, Keystone Exam results will be used to determine students' eligibility for graduation. 

Students who score below proficient on the exams will be required to participate in remediation and given opportunity to demonstrate proficiency using a project-based assessment. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency in the three tested subjects using either method still may graduate if they meet all local graduation requirements and receive approval for from the district's superintendent.  

The new regulations provide delay implementation of the Keystone Exams for two years. Students who have already taken Algebra I, and taken the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam will have their scores "banked."

Read PSEA's Advisory on the State Board actions for more information about the Keystone Exams.

Find full descriptions of the Keystone Exams on the PA Department of Education website.





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