My Rights

PSEA members enjoy a large number of rights in the workplace, thanks to the tireless work and actions taken by unions throughout the years. You have basic legal rights to safe, healthy and fair conditions at work.

My Rights QuoteIssue Briefs (Prepared by PSEA Legal Services)

You have the right to form, join, support or assist unions, who bargain collectively on wages, hours and working conditions. You are protected from employer and union discrimination, also known as unfair labor practices.

You have the right to representation when called to a meeting by administrators. “Weingarten rights” (posted in blue box) give employees the right to request union representation during a meeting if the following conditions are met:

  • The meeting is an investigatory interview.
  • Disciplinary action may result from the meeting.
  • The employee reasonably believes that disciplinary action may result.
  • The employee requests representation.

Weingarten Cards
Printable Weingarten cards (PDF) are available for PSEA members.

If an advocate is not available, you can ask that the meeting be postponed. You have the right to fair representation. You have the right to due process.

When members' rights are threatened or compromised, PSEA strives to ensure every member receives procedural justice, meaning members feel they were treated fairly in procedures and decisions. Procedural justice is the concept that decisions were made without bias and based on facts and logic. Members’ views are considered and respected, even when results may not go their way.




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