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Higher EdFour-year and two-year college and university educators who are members of PSEA are represented in PSEA’s structure by the Pennsylvania Association of Higher Education (PAHE). 

PAHE initiates, conducts and disseminates studies bearing on the welfare of members; develops and advocates policies that further the interests of society through higher education and provides critical analysis on existing policies in this area; conducts studies in support of higher education and on conditions of service; and develops a continuing process for further professional negotiations. The PAHE president sits as a non-voting member of the PSEA Board of Directors.

As higher education faculty, you know how crucial it is to not only have well-prepared students entering your classroom, but also talented and dedicated colleagues who are able to provide the most challenging and insightful instruction. Together, we have the opportunity to improve the level of college-preparedness of our scholastic students while fighting to improve the quality of life for our higher education members.

Resources for PAHE members:

Protecting your future

Through PSEA’s efforts in Harrisburg, most of our higher education members retire with at least 75% of their pre-retirement income — one of the very best retirement plans in the nation.

  • PSEA works for more competitive salaries so that Pennsylvania’s public colleges and universities can recruit and retain the most highly qualified faculty.
  • Faculty salaries and benefits at community colleges organized with PSEA average over $10,000 more than compensation packages at unorganized colleges.
  • Through the strength of the Association, we make it more difficult for administrations to cut salaries and eliminate programs, departments, or campuses without faculty consent.
  • PSEA fights to maintain affordable employee contributions to health insurance.



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