Labor History in America

"The history of America has been largely created by the deeds of its working people and their organizations. Nor has this contribution been confined to raising wages and bettering work conditions; it has been fundamental to almost every effort to extend and strengthen our democracy." - William Cahn, labor historian

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Education and Labor History 

 Labor History in America 

American Labor Leaders

Mother Jones
Pictured: Mother Jones, "The Most Dangerous Woman in America"

  • Samuel Gompers 
    Biography, research tools and other information. Sponsored by the University of Maryland at College Park, the National Historical Publications & Records Commission, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Mother Jones: from County Cork to the Coal Mines
    Mary Harris Jones, better known as Mother Jones, was an Irish immigrant who emerged as one of the most famous women in America and a key figure in the American labor movement.

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