PSEA Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals 

Adopted by the PSEA House of Delegates, May 14, 2016


We are members who promote, protect, and advocate for our schools, students, and professions.


To be an informed, engaged, inclusive, and collaborative union and the leading voice for education and labor.


  • Integrity in words, actions, and data
  • Professional growth and expertise
  • Student-centered teaching and learning
  • Unionism and collective action: Working together based on core union principles
  • Equitable resources and equal opportunities for all students
  • Our members’ voices in the union and as leaders in our professions
  • Respect and diversity in our Association and workplaces
  • Partnerships with our communities


PSEA as an Organization

  • PSEA will increase our strength by growing, engaging, unifying, and communicating with our membership.
  • PSEA will operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

Compensation and Working Conditions

  • PSEA will bargain and protect professional salaries, benefits, pensions, and safe and effective working conditions.

Quality Education and Advocacy

  • PSEA will provide quality educational services, advocate for all students to have access to effective learning environments, and advance pro-public education policies.
  • PSEA will work to improve public perception of and support for public education and the education profession.




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