Understanding Fair Share

Learn More: PSEA is fair to its fair share fee payers

Anti-union groups have renewed their attacks on teachers and public employees, under the guise of laws inaccurately labeled "right-to-work." These bad policies allow employees to refuse to pay union dues or Fair Share, though they receive the benefits of union representation.

It’s important to understand the purpose and value of Fair Share, and the need to stop right-to-work laws in PA and across the country. Read a recent piece in the Washington Post for additional information.

Unions represent everyone covered by a collective bargaining agreement, even non-members. And what non-members pay is a fair share fee for bargaining and grievance services for their compensation, benefits, and working conditions.

Fair share simply provides for individuals to share in the costs for the benefits and services they receive by paying a fair portion for those benefits and services.

The Association's advocacy and political activities are not included in fair share. And as always, PSEA member dues dollars never go directly to political candidates.

Find a list of the many benefits of PSEA membership on our website. PSEA members who have additional questions about Fair Share should contact Local Presidents or UniServ Representatives.





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