Act 88: collective bargaining legislation

Act 88 of 1992 brought new procedures and schedules to the collective bargaining process under Act 195:

  • Act 88 TimelineA 48-hour notice is required before a strike begins.
  • Advisory arbitration is mandatory when a strike will prevent the school entity from providing 180 days of instruction before June 15 or the last day of the scheduled school year, whichever comes first.
  • Strikes must cease when the parties submit to arbitration and may not resume until one of the parties has rejected the arbitration award.
  • Selective strikes are banned.
  • Allows teachers to strike twice in a school year.
  • Allows either party to request factfinding - which must be granted by the Labor Relations Board.
  • Employer may not use strikebreakers during the first strike who have not been employed by the district during the preceding twelve (12) months during the first strike.
  • If a strike resumes after the arbitration award is rejected, the district may hire strikebreakers.
  • The Secretary of Education may seek an injunction when the local has been on strike long enough that the district will not be able to provide 180 days by June 30.

Law's goal:
to encourage earlier bargaining and settlements

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