Kids, Cuts, and Consequences: Sharon City

What happened when Gov. Tom Corbett cut $2.1 million from the Sharon City public schools? Class sizes increased, PSEA members were furloughed, programs that help kids learn were eliminated.

PSEA members in Sharon City have seen first-hand that these unprecedented funding cuts have consequences.

Kids Cuts Consequences - Sharon City

Who is feeling those consequences?

The kids who learn in Sharon City's public schools. The parents and families who are wondering why key programs and services have disappeared. The PSEA members who dedicate their lives to public education. And the community that is struggling to find ways to fund its public schools.

In Sharon City, PSEA members spoke out about these cuts - and the consequences they are having on the kids they teach.

They are telling their stories, as no one else can.

Watch this video. Hear their stories.

Look for more stories soon as part of the Kids, Cuts, and Consequences project.

And, remember, you have a story to tell, too.







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