Keeping Your Certificate

Agree with it or not, because we work with students every day and serve as role models, teachers are held to a higher standard of conduct. Keeping your certificate only requires attention to this fact and some common sense.

In what ways could I lose my credentials to teach in Pennsylvania’s public schools?
Action can be taken against a certificate holder for cause (including incompetence, negligence, immorality, intemperance, and cruelty) and/or for crimes of moral turpitude in accordance with the authority vested with the Professional Standards and Practices Commission (PSPC) by the Teacher Certification Law (24 P.S. §§2070.1-2070.18).

Failure to maintain a valid and active certificate could negate the use of the certificate for employment until such time as the deficiencies are eliminated. This kind of circumstance would not constitute losing the certificate but would render it useless or restrict its usability until it is validated and/or reactivated.

Am I entitled to due process in the event an action is taken against my certificate?
Yes. The law provides due process rights.

The loss of your teaching credentials is a very serious matter. If you at any time believe the state or your school district may be taking action against your certificate or job security contact your PSEA UniServ Representative immediately.


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