Act 48

PSEA's Continuing Professional Education (Act 48) Program - Part of PSEA's Professional Learning Exchange

PSEA's Continuing Professional Education Program has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to continue to offer Act 48 credit hours. 

Approved courses include:


  • Teacher Evaluation
  • PA Common Core and SAS
  • Assisting Struggling Readers with Content Area Texts
  • The Role of Cutlure in Improving Student Acheivement
  • Multiple Strategy Vocabulary Instruction
  • Teaching Writing in the Content Areas
  • Teaching Reading in the Content Areas
  • Solutions That Work
  • Classroom Management for Better Schools
  • The Winds of Change: A Special Education Update for 2012-13
  • The Regular Education Teacher's Role in the IEP Meeting
  • Caution: Predetermination Can Undermine the IEP Process
  • Restraint of Violent Students
  • 30 Pointers in 60 Minutes
  • I Can't Believe that Just Happened!
  • Challenging Behaviors in the Workplace
  • Code of Ethics: Guide for Professionalism
  • Everything You Think You Don't Need to Know About Sexual Harassment
  • Cyber Learning: Friend or Foe
  • Child Abuse Reporting Requirements for School Employees
  • Current Legal Trends in Special Education
  • Dealing with Students with Disabilities that Exhibit Violent and Disruptive Behavior
  • Discrimination Issues in the School Environment
  • Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protecting Confidentiality of Student Records
  • Legal Implications of Technology Use in the School Environment
  • Liability Issues for School Employees
  • Maintaining Professional Relationships with Students
  • Legal Updates for School Professionals
  • Resiliency: What Is It and How to Make the Most of It


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    PSEA’s continuing professional development program, known as the Professional Learning Exchange, offers workshops approved for Act 48 activity hours. Approved faculty consists of PSEA staff and in some cases selected PSEA members.

    For information about these courses, including descriptions and instructors, please see PSEA's Professional Learning Exchange catalog. Act 48 credit hours may be available for some of these workshops and presentations. Contact PSEA’s Education Services Division at 1-800-944-7732 for more information.

    PSEA is dedicated to assisting its members in all aspects of their careers. The Professional Learning Exchange presents multiple opportunities for members to seek their personal best in their work. Ultimately it is the individual’s responsibility to determine his or her professional needs and to engage in those activities that maximize their professional effectiveness. 

    There is a minimum session size of 15 participants, unless otherwise noted.  Flexibility is given with permission of the presenter.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q:  How can I arrange to have one of these workshops?
    A:  Please contact PSEA’s Education Services Division at 1-800-944-7732 for information on our presenters. Be prepared to provide the workshop title, date, location and an approximate number of participants.

    Q:  Is there a cost to have one of these workshops?
    A:  Workshops are available at no cost to PSEA members.

    Q:  When are these workshops available?
    A:  Unless otherwise noted, workshops are available weekdays, evenings and weekends.

    Q:  Is there a minimum number of attendees required for a workshop? 
    A:  There is a minimum session size of fifteen (15) unless otherwise noted. Flexibility is allowed with the presenter’s permission.

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