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The Pennsylvania System of School Assessments or “PSSA” is a series of tests given to students in grades three through eight, with students in 11th grade taking Keystone Exams. The PSSA assessments are designed to determine what students know and are able to do compared to the grade-level standards.

Students are rated advanced, proficient, basic, or below basic, based on their scores.

PA Department of Education (PDE) has expanded the resources available to teachers to help student be successful on the PSSA assessments. In addition to the Assessment Anchors, PDE makes available the eligible content for the tests, and releases sample questions and other resources.

Find more information about recent changes to the PSSA here

Member Resources
PSEA offers an advisory with guidelines to help members determine their professional and ethical responsibilities and obligations related to alleged PSSA test-procedure violations. Also see the PDE Ethical Standards of Test Preparation and Administration

Information related to test security and administration procedures is available on the PDE and PSSA Training websites.



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