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Given the high stakes nature of the PSSA assessments, PDE takes the administration of the tests very seriously and expects all teachers, school and district administrators, and students to do so also. PDE expects all test administrators - test proctors - to follow all processes and procedures established in order to assure that the assessment results are valid.

There are many resources available to test administrators including:

  • Administration manuals for all grades and subjects assessed
  • Training presentations
  • Spanish translations for administration manuals
  • Test security checklists

PSEA is very concerned with helping its members maintain the testing validity and wants to help members understand and follow the test security procedures. We are working collaboratively with PDE and the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) in developing and disseminating training and materials on test security.

Additionally, PDE has an extensive monitoring program for the test administration. Schools and districts are selected for monitoring by PDE. The schools and districts are often selected randomly but may be selected because questions have been raised by individuals or by the data. It is possible that PSEA members will be interviewed by a monitoring team from PDE. You should know what is expected of you by studying the monitoring interview questions. It would also be helpful for all PSEA members involved with the PSSA in their school or district to study the monitoring checklist.

Finally and most importantly, the most vulnerable members are those who employ strategies to help students with disabilities through the testing process. It is imperative that attention be paid to the type of accommodation(s) for the PSSA be addressed through the IEP process. Do not wait until testing time to determine what accommodations will be used. PSEA recommends that its members read the Assessment Accommodations Guidelines and discuss the issue with their school administration.



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